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I'm a Web Designer (who likes to sew!!)

The truth seemed to be that I loved creatively solving problems for people. People needed a personal gift and the pillows filled that need. People needed their technology to do some of their business’ heavy lifting and creating websites and newsletters filled that need. The difference was that I was better at working with technology than I was with scissors and my sewing machine.

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Introducing a favorite movie character to our children | For the love of James Bond

I recently saw a great video that made me smile. It was a marketing tidbit from Coke where they were awarding Skyfall tickets to travelers making their way through the Central Station of Antwerp in Belgium.  These unsuspecting contestants were invited to win tickets by finding their way to Platform 6 in 70 seconds.  What they did not know is they would be interfered with by actors during their mad dash in true James Bond style

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