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Fashion Sewing Camp | Days 4 and 5 | Sewing on Elastic and a Fantastic Fashion Show

Day 4 we finished up our Blossoming Necklaces and moved right into our Grande Finale Project - the Super Simple Skirt. This turned out to be our biggest challenge of all and I overhead a least one camper guffaw when they heard the title of our project. Simple, it was not. Awesome? It totally was!

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Fashion Sewing Camp | Day 2 | Working with the Glue Gun - It's Hot!!

Frankly, I am not a huge fan of glue guns but some projects can't be done without them. If you use them, supervise your campers closely. The glue stays hot for quite some time after it is applied. Don't even get me started on irons, I have the marks to prove we aren't on friendly terms - the iron and I. But again, the iron is a necessary evil in most sewing projects.

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