Pretty Ribbons, Pretty Paper - Make Unboxing an Experience


Pretty ribbons, pretty paper... sometimes I feel like the wrapping is almost prettier than what is hiding inside.


And honestly, that's the goal!

Your customer should gasp when they open that precious box - before they even see the product that's carefully wrapped in that pretty paper.

The wrapping is a preview of what is on the inside of that box. This photo shows a few pillows packaged up for a beautiful unboxing. Keep reading to see what was inside each package.

Each ribbon and notecard are specially chosen to pick up on the pillow's primary color or feature.

A textured purple ribbon and teal notecard package up this peacock color scheme Bat Mitvah pillow.


A sheer green bow and plaid notecard match the playful boyish colors of this Birth Announcement pillow.



A deep brown burlap ribbon and plaid notecard match the rustic natural fabric of this Pet Loss pillow.