How to sew a lapped zipper | beginning sewist resource | video

Whew!  I'm updating this blog post because the free Mastering Zipper Techniques video I was sending folks to is no longer available on Craftsy.

Keep reading because there is good news - I've got a Inserting a Lapped Zipper video tutorial for you, right here in this blog post!

First, a little backstory, Craftsy began offering a subscription service where you pay a one price and get unlimited access to all of it's creative videos.  They have since been rebranded that service calling it Blueprint and as a result changed the structure of many of their old videos.

Now back when I originally wrote this post, I had been teaching a Beginning Sewing Skills class where students learned how to insert an exposed zipper while making a throw pillow. This "exposed" look wasn't for everyone. And since they were no longer beginners, I found a video showing them how to tackle lapped zippers and shared it on my blog.

Maybe you are ready to step up your zipper skills too?

Lapped zippers are great because they hide the zipper behind a flap of fabric.

Your seam allowance changes from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch, so you'll need to account for that when you are cutting your fabric out.

Now you know how to modify your pattern to allow for a lapped zipper.  It's time to check out that lapped zipper video lesson so you can try it on your own!



If you like the video, you can grab the full course (I think it's only $9.99).