My story starts way back in middle school - in home economics class to be precise. 

Our first project was a stuffed animal and I wanted to make one for each of my parents (who had recently separated).  My sweet teacher let me make two - a pig and a panda.

It didn't take long for me to become hooked into the magic of sewing. With a little perseverance and a good seam ripper you can magically turn a flat piece of fabric and a bit of stuffing into something filled with meaning and love.

I love to share my sewing experiences with tutorials, reviews and getting started suggestions. I'm always trying something new!  I blog here about my personal creative adventures  which happen when I'm not designing websites.

What's more, I'm always trying new things like cooking quinoa in a crockpot, learning to use a paint sprayer to transform adirondack chairs or installing new light fixtures.  I write about all of those creative adventures here too!

You want to know more about me? I'm flattered! Let's see, I am mom to two adorable school-aged children.

I'm married to a sweet man who also likes to work with his hands, wait until you see the chicken coop he's been working on! Keith supports me in every way imaginable.  Have you seen my huge table he built for my sewing studio?  

I love to sew and to run, but not at the same time - boy, that would be dangerous!

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Talk soon!