How To Make Your Own Starbucks Medicine Ball Tea

Ingredients to make Starbuck’s medicine ball team at home.
Ingredients to make Starbuck’s medicine ball team at home.
A few years ago my favorite Starbucks barista introduced me to a secret “off menu” item called Medicine Ball Tea. At the time, I had a pretty bad sniffle and was already too caffeinated to order my standard Flat White with coconut milk. The barista suggested I try this honey-lemon-ginger-tea concoction to loose things up.

The tea was super strong but very soothing to my post-nasal-drip-raw throat and chest congestion.  Now it’s my go-to drink when I’m not feeling well, but when I’m up at 2 am with the scratchies, Starbucks is not an option.

Here is my slightly-less strong, but equally awesome “Make At Home” recipe for Medicine Ball Tea. Okay, it’s not really a recipe but your body WILL thank you!

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Bigelow’s Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea


Place the Teabag in your mug and scoop a big heap of honey on top.

Leave the spoon in the mug so as to not lose any honey.

Heat water to your desired temperature. I’m loving the shortcut of heating water in my Cuisinart double duty coffee maker/hot water dispenser. Until recently, it’s been relegated to heating water for oatmeal.

Steep for a few minutes and drink!

I usually take a black tea bag out before I drink, but with herbal tea I leave it in place to keep the flavor strong.

What’s your favorite smother-the-sniffles beverage?

My favorite over sized tea cup. You’re right - it’s a mug but don’t put any coffee it it!!