Triangle Angle Softie - A Hand Sewn Holiday Softie Ornament

This is the perfect hand sewing project to keep little hands busy and in the spirit.  It's also a great opportunity to use your colorful scraps!  This pattern uses simple embroidery and hand stitches like French Knot, Running Stitch, Back Stitch and Slip Stitch. Get a refresher on your embroidery stitches like French Knot, Running Stitch and Back before you start. I use Slip Stitch to close the stuffing opening because it practically invisible, learn the basics of the Slip Stitch here.

Materials *

Embroidery Floss - for eyes and mouth
Ribbon - for bow and hanging your angel
2 - 10 x 10 inch scraps of colorful printed fabric for angel's dress and back
10 x 10 inch scrap of plain colored fabric for angel face and wings
Cotton sewing thread (white is fine)
Stuffing (2-3 handfuls is plenty) (I love the cluster style stuffing, but the fiber-fill style stuffing is much less expensive)


Long stick for pushing out corners and inserting stuffing

Pattern Pieces for Angel Face, Dress, Wings and Back 


1. Print pattern pieces and cut along solid line.  There are four pattern pieces - angel body, dress, wings and face.

2. From your solid fabric, trace and cut out two angel wings and one angel face.

3. From your printed fabric, trace and cut out one angel back and one angel dress.

4. With right sides together, match up the short side of the angel dress with the long bottom side of the angel face and stitch together with short Running Stitches. Finger press open the pieces.

Make sure your edge match up where the face meets the dress!

Make a short Running Stitch quickly with this technique

5. With a pencil, lightly mark the location for your eyes and smile. Using the embroidery floss, make a French Knot for each eye.  At the start of your smile line, make a French Knot. Then Back Stitch along the mouth line and end with another French Knot. 

I forgot my face until the last step!

6. Create a small bow with your ribbon and attach it just below where the face and dress are stitched together.

7. Place the two wing pieces right sides together. Stitch together with short Running Stitches, leaving a three inch opening for turning.  Turn the wings right side out, poking the edges gently out. Use a Slip Stitch to close up the opening.

Small scissors are handy for cutting thread ends.

8. Lay the angel wings onto the right side of the angel back fabric and secure with a long running stitch starting at the flat top of the angel wing triangle, stitching all the way down to the wing bottom.

The wing triangle goes on upside-down.

9. Lay the angel face-dress on top of the angel back - right sides together. Tuck the wings inside before you sew!  Sew along the edge with short Running Stitches, leaving a three inch opening for turning.

Don't forget to tuck the wings well inside before you sew.

10. Turn the angel right side out, poking the edges gently out. Using small pieces of stuffing, fill the angel pushing the stuffing into the corners first using a blunt tool (like a knitting stick).  Use a Slip Stitch to close up the opening.

I love the Clover tool for stuffing the teeny corners.

11. Stitch a piece of ribbon to the top-back of the angels head to turn her into an ornament.

My sweet Triangle Angel Ornament!

Hang her on your tree! And share a picture of her with me on Instagram!! (Tag @belindaleedesigns)

Happy Sewing!!

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