I'm a Web Designer (who likes to sew!!)

Belinda Lee Briggs Strategic Squarespace Web Designer
Hmmm…. so after over a year of pondering, what am I doing? I’ve taken the dive and started a web design company!
My creative journey has been taking a slow turn for a while now. In 2014, I began to feel discontent and could not put my finger on it. I thought I was lonely, so I got lovely Lily (aussie doodle) to keep me company. While Lily was a fabulous companion, that discontent continued. I started regularly co-working with friends, an interior designer and photographer, but rather than brainstorming new ideas for my shop, I spent my time helping them tweak their websites. I even made a complete newsletter series and an online reservation form and tracking system for my dog’s breeder. Just for fun!
It was clear I was avoiding my studio. After some introspection, I realized my joy came from hearing stories about my pillows being given and any joy I received from actually making pillows had dissipated quite some time ago.
The truth seemed to be that I loved creatively solving problems for people. People needed a personal gift and the pillows filled that need. People needed their technology to do some of their business’ heavy lifting and creating websites and newsletters filled that need. The difference was that I was better at working with technology than I was with scissors and my sewing machine.
The truth hurts. But the truth will set you free. And it did.
In August 2017, I turned my Etsy shop off to raise a litter of puppies. And when the puppies all went home, I decided not to turn my shop back on.
Instead, I forged ahead slowly, testing the waters, turning web and newsletter design into a business. I took on real paying clients, including a life coach for recent college graduates looking to find “real” jobs and a custom home renovations expert. And it was magical!
Time for a little more honesty here… I was a web analyst back in my corporate days and have years of web technology experience under my belt.
Of course, technology has changed a bit since then and I spent several months filling in the knowledge gaps. My techie background has served me well with the transition into web design, but this journey – 5 years as a creative small business owner – has given me tremendous insight into what my small business owner clients are up against. It has been a priceless nugget of experience in my toolkit.
Do you know what else? The joy of sewing has begun to return and I want it to stay. I plan to continue writing about my creative pursuits on my blog and interacting with fellow creatives on Instagram (@belindaleedesigns). I guess that turns me back into the target market for many of you here – as I’ll be looking for new ways to challenge my creative fancy!
My official web design site is launching in January 2018. (Can you believe I started a business without a website!!)
You'll find me at https://www.belindaleebriggs.com/ where I specialize in Squarespace web design and Mailchimp newsletter design services so you can get back to the heart of your small business.