Learn to Use Your Embroidery Machine

So you've got an embroidery machine and you're afraid to use it? 

You've tried embroidering t-shirts and towels, but your embroidery machine just won't cooperate?

I'm sharing some of my favorite classes to help you tame that machine so you can get creating!* 

Learn to use your embroidery machine with these great classes:

Want to tackle t-shirts and golf shirts? 

Start with Machine Embroidery with Knits - you'll learn how to manage that stretchy material to behave in the hoop for you!

Embroidering on Towels and other high loft items (polar fleece!)?

Don't miss Machine Embroidery with Terrycloth and More to learn about keeping that towel popping up through your embroidery.

Is your favorite saying "If It Moves Monogram It"?

Learn correct etiquette, placement, how to add frames and design your own monograms in the class Embroidering Monograms by Machine

You've heard about "In The Hoop" but want to know more?

Sue O'Very's fun class In the Hoop Gifts is filled with "In The fun projects to get you started with this easy technique.

Have embroidery software and need a hand getting started?

Warm up to your embroidery software with Cindy Hogan's Embroidery Software Essentials. She teaches you how to import and transfer designs, use an underlay and modify, combine and align lettering and designs. She shows you how to use the built-in shape tools to create your own designs.

Ready to try your hand at digitizing your own designs?

I found Cookie Gaynor's Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs a great place to start. From running stitch to fill stitch, you'll finish class with the confidence to digitize your own designs from scratch.

Thinking about starting your own embroidery business?

* This post contains affiliate links. In the case that you would purchase something using my link, I receive a small commission from Amazon which helps support my work here.