Easy Pattern Weight Tutorial | Knit Fabric Pattern Weights from Washers

DIY Pattern Weights by Belinda Lee Designs

Pattern weights are essential for sewing knit fabrics. 

However, most commercially sold pattern weights come in packs of 4 and honestly you need about 10 pattern weights to get the job done. Here is a simple solution for making your own pattern weights from scrap fabric you have on hand and a box of washers from your local home improvement store. *
Supplies for DIY Pattern Weight Tutorial by Belinda Lee Designs
A few simple supplies are all it takes to make your pattern weight

Supplies Needed:


1. Set 10 washers in the center of your 6 inch square of fabric (my fabric is 5" x 6" and it was a little challenging to make sure the twine kept all of the material together).
Step 1 Place the Washers on the Fabric by Belinda Lee Designs
My 5 x 6 rectangle of vintage fabric was a little tricky for wrapping the washers

2. Bring all of the fabric edges centered over the washers - forming a dumpling of sorts.
Step 2 Fold the Fabric around the washers by Belinda Lee Designs
Pinch your fabric together at the top of the washers

3. Cut a 10 inch piece of twine and then wrap it around the top of the dumpling.

Step 3 Use Twine to Secure the Fabric around the Washers by Belinda Lee Designs
Use your fingers to keep the twine taut as you make your knot.

4. Using your fingers to hold the thread in place, double knot the twine.

Finished DIY Pattern Weight for Knit Fabrics by Belinda Lee Designs
Finished Pattern Weight! Just trim the twine!

5. Trim your twine down a bit and Voila! Your pattern weight is complete!

Make 9 more of these simple pattern weights and you are ready to start your knit sewing project!

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