Resources to Keep You Sewing After Hand Sewing Summer Camp

Remember Hand Sewing Summer Camp and how much fun you had sewing with your friends?

I wrote this special blog post for my Hand Sewing Campers, but it's really for whoever wants to sew by hand, so please share!

First, I wanted to let you that I really, really enjoyed teaching you! I really hope you come back to camp next summer so we can sew more Little Friends and some brand new projects.

Do you have any ideas for next year's camp? I would love to hear them!

I know that some of you have been sewing up a storm? I'd love to see your work! 

Sewing Camp Rewind

Did you like the projects from sewing camp?  You can keep sewing on your own by making up your own patterns - trace a plate on two pieces of fabric and whip stitch the edges and then stuff. All you need are some basic supplies and your imagination. I've also written this post about where to find some great places to shop for fabric in Raleigh and online.

Sewing School book by Aimee Plumley
The Sewing School book we used at camp has the My Little Friend project and many more in it as well.

Here are a few sewing pattern and tutorial recommendations just for you. Some of these are free and some have a cost associated with them, so ask an adult before you buy anything!*

Easy Peasy Patterns

Make your own key chains! A perfect gift for your favorite teacher.

This pretzel pincushion is almost cute enough to eat!

Take It Up A Notch

Make a pocket tissue holder so your winter sniffles will be cute and trendy!

Remember how we stitched monograms onto our needle keeper tags? This set of tutorials will really take your monograms up a notch.

Keep Learning Videos

This is an online sewing class that you will want to sign up for with the help of your favorite adult. It will take your felt sewing skills and turn you into a gift making genius!

Use felt to make an adorable tabletop village of houses and trees, ornaments with a midcentury flair, cute bottle sleeves for instant presents, and custom-fit slippers for your whole family.

Sewing Around the Web

I think you'll really enjoy Amie Plumley's blog where she shares photos of kid-sewn projects and quick tutorials. She's the author of the Sewing School book we used at camp.
Soft circle pillows from Sewing School Book

I saw one of the most beautiful collections of fashion gowns when I visited New York City not too long ago. You can see it too and you won't even have to leave your chair!

NC  State's Textiles Department often holds design challenges.  Where they challenge entrants to use a specific material. Students learned advanced techniques for working with denim fabric and shared amazing photos online.

What's I'm Up To

You can see what projects I've been sewing by visiting my blog, subscribe to my newsletter or following me on Instagram or Facebook (ask your parents first! Or have them follow and show you the neat things I've made).

Keep on Sewing! 


* This post contains affiliate links. In the case that you would purchase something using my link, I receive a small commission from Amazon which helps support my work here.