A is for appliqué | What is applique anyway?

Expanding on the appliqué technique used in the University of Texas pj bottoms last week, this tote has an appliqué of the letter c and then a name embroidered on top. What's appliqué you ask?

Applique is when you cut fabric in the shape of something... last week it was the state of Texas and this week a lower case c... And then you stitch it onto another fabric with a wide, tight zigzag stitch called a satin stitch. Last week that background fabric was pj shorts and this week it's a tote bag.

Truthfully, I was a little intimidated to try this technique but it's not too complicated at all and I just love the effect! Next time, I'm thinking a big Lego with my son's name in it appliquéd onto a t-shirt.

Letter C applique with child's name stitched over it
State of Texas Applique with UT Texas embroidered over it
Originally published 1/1/2015