5 Thoughtful Mothers Day Gifts | Expanding beyond Mother's Day Traditions

Breakfast In Bed Photo by Brooke Lark https://unsplash.com/@brookelark
I am the lucky recipient of an annual Mother's Day tradition of breakfast in bed. I look forward to it every year. Many families I work with struggle with what to get mom for Mother's Day. Especially if Mom has a few Mother's Day's under her belt.

The families I worked with this year wanted to do something different than anything they'd done before. What is there to do beyond gift cards, family trips, and dinner out? Truthfully, we moms feel whatever manner we are celebrated in is a blessing.

I wanted to share with you what I've been thinking about for the Mom's in my life (I've got three to think of - my Mom, my step-Mom and my wonderful Mother-in-Law). 

Here are few items at the top of my Mother's Day Gift list this year:

My mother-in-law is an avid gardener - she has kept gardens in Florida, Maine and Massachusetts and blessed my garden with pieces of hers over the years. She is always bringing home something new to her garden, so I know she would really appreciate this wonderful book. (I might like a copy too!).

My mom has become quite the outdoor adventurer. When I moved to North Carolina, my Mom hinted that I wouldn't need those snowshoes I brought with me from Massachusetts. She was right, so I sent them on up and she has enjoyed them every winter. She hits those same snowshoe trails during the summer, so this walking staff is a perfect addition to her outdoor adventuring gear.


My sweet step-mom does not plane or train and she barely automobiles. But retirement leaves her itching to get out of town for sure. Down East Magazine focuses on great places off the beaten track to see in Maine which is just a hop skip and a jump for her. I'm sure most states out there have their own magazine. 

I've recently become attached to North Carolina's version - Our State Magazine. We are going to road trip to some of the best local strawberry spots this month using my May copy is a map. I'll be stopping by my mailbox at the end of this month hoping for a highlight of the best ice cream stands!

Rachel Ray Olive Oil Bottle

I recently discovered the Milk Street podcast - it's from the long time America's Test Kitchen host and Cook's Magazine founder Christopher Kimball. This particular episode talked about making puffier scrambled eggs using olive oil in lieu of butter. [When you click the link you'll have to enter your email to get the details. It will send you their newsletter, but you can easily unsubscribe if you don't find it useful.]

We've been planning on getting chickens soon, so this episode really appealed to me and at the end he gave a review of Rachel Ray's olive oil dispenser. I ordered one for myself and he was right - it's solid color protects your olive oil from the light, the dispenser let's out just the right amount of oil (good bye big puddle) and it's super cute in Agave Blue so it can stay out on the counter top. 
For most moms, those quiet moments are far and few between - can you relate? It is such a stress reliever to peek out the window and see our feathered visitors. If you do go the bird house route - offer to hang it up for mom too, okay? That would make it a doubly special gift!

A good friend gave our family a Stokes bluebird house as a housewarming gift and it was such a pleasant surprise. We primed it and sprayed it a beautiful blue (Krylon's Blue Ocean Blue). I loved that the spray paint took about 3 minutes to apply. Now I want to spray paint everything!

Okay! That's my list - what's on yours?