Designing my Sewing Studio - Gathering ideas and inspiration on Houzz

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My new studio space! Ripe for the renovating!
It's been about 8 months of renovating the rest of our house and I'm ready to start working on my new studio space.

You all know it's not the first time my studio has moved. Since it's inception, my business has occupied the guest bedroom, the large bonus room and the man-cave (attic room). And that's just moves within a single house.

This time my studio has really moved to our cabin in the woods. And even here, I've relocated my studio from a small bedroom up into the "bonus room". I've been "making it work" while we get everything else in order (two refreshed bathrooms and a gutted kitchen). But I think it's time to get serious about my work space.

My past studios have been a put together with cast off furniture from around the house. I'm ready for a unified more unified look. But it needs to be functional, so I've been gathering ideas and putting them in an Ideabook on Houzz. This has helped me nail down what is important in my studio.

Here's the shortlist:

  • A large cutting table
  • A long narrow desk for giving sewing lessons
  • A computer desk to permanently house my large computer monitor
  • A stable home for my 10-needle embroidery machine
  • Storage

I'm sharing my ideabook with you below, just click the arrow at the bottom right to scroll through the images.

I definitely need your help with this design. 

Please Comment below with your ideas and must haves.