Studio Update: Goodbye popcorn ceilings!

We've are almost at the end of our year long journey to find and move into our forever home. And while our definitions of "forever" differ a bit - mine "until death", hubby's "until the kids go to college", we both agreed that we would not love for a single day under those popcorn ceilings!

After two failed attempts at finding a reliable contractor, we found Luis. He has been hard at work spraying, scraping and repairing.

Some spots were tougher than others and we were so glad that we did not choose this project to flex our DIY skills on!

The shot above is my new studio! With floor to ceiling Windows there is plenty of natural light. Speaking of light, what do you think of that beauty? My daughter
thinks a sparkly chandelier is a good replacement candidate. What do you think?

These primitive style light fixtures are everywhere. While beautiful, they aren't my style. I think I've spotted our first move-in project!

We completed the all important basketball hoop installation. Adding some pretty seating arrangements on the outside will have to hold me until Luis gives us the all clear.

Stay tuned for the after photos and send me your design inspirations! I'd love
to see your light fixture suggestions!