Sending Special Blessings And Moving An Embroidery Studio

His Purpose Christening Gift Pillow
This was the last pillow to leave the studio last month before our big move to our temporary home. Making sure Dante's pillow didn't get packed up with the "To Storage" box was my most stressful job that day! 

 My whole studio had to be boxed up in a way that let me stop work on moving day and start back up the very next morning. Since we were moving into a small two bedroom apartment, many things had to be put into storage.

 While we did have a POD (read: things you don't want to see until you move into your permanent home), we were also lucky enough to secure an onsite garage at our apartment and that is where much of my "extra" studio supplies went. Even then, it meant that my studio supplies would be living alongside our patio furniture, assorted tools and various sporting goods (picture your own garage here).

 The key for me was in the labeling. Each box had it's contents listed on the outside. This might seem a little too detailed, but it has paid off in the more than half a dozen trips to storage I have made since we've arrived. Many Blessings are wished for you Dante!!