Preparing to move the sewing studio to a temporary home

We are in the process of selling our home in a Raleigh suburb to move closer to the kids' schools. Miss M. starts her last year of middle school in the Fall. Our neighborhood and our needs have changed from when we moved here 9 years ago with a toddler and pre-schooler in tow.

As I pack up my studio, I find unfinished projects, like the pictures Christmas pillow set. I also find myself dreaming of what my next space will be like. My current studio is a spacious finished attic
and while I love the space, it feels too isolated from the daily hubbub. Guilt ensues if I sneak up here when the family is home. So what would my new space look like?

Location is key - I want to be on the first floor in the core of the house. Maybe convert the dining room - who eats there any more except on holidays? Maybe an off the kitchen space where I can easily check the crock pot?

And while I don't like the isolation of the attic, I definitely realize that there comes a time when isolation is a necessity for getting work done, so a door is a must!

Update: We sold our home last month, April 2016. Yay! Now the 4 of us (Lily dog makes 5!) are in a 1200 square foot 2 bedroom apartment. I'll share that experience soon! There are definitely both pros and cons to this space.