Staying Connected to Old Friends Christmas | A Customer Cameo Featuring Zombies

Every good gift has a great story and when this Zombie Santa Pillow found it's way to the Villanuevas at Christmas it was no different.

Rachael shared that the pillow was headed to Danielle her best friend in the entire world.  The girls went to high school together and reconnected in college when Danielle had her first child, a sweet baby girl.

The Zombie Santa pillow had two meanings for Rachael and Danielle.

During Christmas, the girls have always exchanged gifts. This particular Christmas was very special because Danielle had just welcomed her second child -- a son -- into the world. Rachael wanted to get her something that celebrated her family's first Christmas together as well as poked fun at Danielle's deep love for everything Zombie (as well as her consistent attempts to brainwash Rachael into loving zombie apocalypse story-lines as well ... Rachael professes she much prefers material that does not give her nightmares).

Rachael shared that the second meaning behind the pillow is that Danielle been through a lot in life, much like the crazy experiences characters in shows like The Walking Dead endure and survive, Rachael says "I know there's nothing Danielle won't accomplish. This pillow was my little way of telling her that."

Danielle shared a picture of her special Zombie Santa pillow Instagram.

She knows us sooooo well... Thank you @redero for the creepy Christmas pillow #ilovezombies