How to Get the Best Bar Mitvah Gift :: A Customer Cameo

How can you tell when you've gotten the right gift? Teenagers can be a fickle group - one week Apple's MacBook Air is all the rage, the next it's Alienware's new gaming laptopBut you know you've hit the right note, when the recipient decides that their friend has to have the same thing you just gave them.

When Kirsten ordered Jacob's pillow for his December Bar Mitvah, she wanted to make sure it was just right and she was excited to see her design come to life. {And I think she liked it because she came back for a very special Confirmation Canvas}. Several months later, I received a new order along side a sweet note " My son Jacob, received a keepsake pillow for his Bar Mitzvah in December. Jacob liked his pillow so much, he wants to give one to his friend Simon for his Bar Mitzvah." Jacob even chose the design colors for Simon's pillow himself. So Kirsten, you did good!

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