Tour of Belinda Lee Designs Studio | Where Your Personalized Keepsakes Are Created

I'd like to cordially invite you into my new studio space! There is plenty of room for lessons and even the occasional boot camp. It may be a little more cozy than before, but the paint is a relaxing blue, the carpet is super cushy and there is sunlight streaming through my window.

This move was partially driven by my family's wishes to be able to play ping pong without making dents in the ceiling. What I really wanted was a comfortable space to work in that did not require a 2 hour warm up via space heater. This new space is fully insulated and has it's own heating unit. It also has enough outlets to power New York City! And the lighting is so much better at night - no more plug in task lighting.

Are you ready for a tour?

 What do you think of this new space?