Making a Beautiful Family Tree for a Small Family :: A Customer Cameo

John wanted to make Mother's Day special for his wife Ellen.  He really wanted to get her a family tree pillow and he really wanted that pillow to be blue. Ellen is not a grandmother, yet, she's a mom of two sweet kids so their tree would be intimate - just the four of them.

When John found out he could not only get a blue pillow but could choose special thread colors for each child he went to town.  Lavender for Emily and Duke Blue for Nic, Twinkle Blue for he and Ellen and White for their last name. Wait blue thread on a blue pillow? We gave it the old college try but the blue Nic didn't show up well at all.  In fact, the tree looked a little disjointed with all of different colors for the parents and children.

Back to the drawing board, John decided to make it simple. White for everybody! And there it was - simple perfection. John found the key to making a more intimate (small) family tree sing is to go for simplicity - use the pillow fabric color get bring in a punch of color and go for a single color to unite the family.

Great job John!!

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