How to Choose the Right Size Throw Pillow

Throw pillows really add the finishing touch to a bedroom. Whether you place them on a chair or give them the starring space on your bed, they have the finally say in the statement your bedroom makes. But with so many sizes and so many cute online stores to order pillows from how do you know what it's really going to look like in the space you have planned for it?
How to Choose the Right Size Throw Pillow | 16 inch pillow and 14 inch pillow | Belinda Lee Designs
The Wedding Subway Art pillow on the left is 16 inches square, while the Birth Announcement on the right is 14 inches.
Real Simple Magazine has offered some wonderful tips on their website for throw pillows that are intended to fill and fluff up your space.  But what about that pillow that is the centerpiece of your space, your "statement piece" as it were.

I really like to see and touch my everything before I make a purchase.  But in this digital age, that's just not realistic.  So here are a few guidelines to help you making a size decision.  Pillow Decor recommends taking the scale of your furniture into account. So for a toddler's bed, a 14 x 14 inch pillow is more than enough.

Throw Pillow Size for Toddler Bed | How to Choose Right Size Throw Pillow | Belinda Lee Designs
For a toddler bed, a 14 inch pillow is a size they won't outgrow soon.

Even on a full sized bed, a 14 inch statement throw pillow can still do the job.  But it would need some supporting characters in the form of 2 more less ornate throws as well as pillow shams. I have a chart below to help you with selecting pillow shams.

Here two "tween-age" siblings showcase their 14 inch pillows on a queen bed and you can see that the pillows are definitely in need of a supporting cast of pillows to really stand out.  A better choice for a queen bed would be a 16 inch pillow with the requisite number of shams. To really pump up your look, add two 18 inches in complementary colors to your 16 inch statement pillow. This arrangement will really spotlight your star.

How to Choose the Right Size Throw Pillow | 16 Inch Pillow for Large Chair or Queen Bed | Belinda Lee Designs
A 16 inch pillow sham will fill grandma's lap. Aim for a queen or a large chair with this size.
 Once you move to a king size bed, you can go with a 16 inch pillow but now you'll want to throw in four complimentary 18 inch pillows and the necessary shams. A king is a truly expansive space to cover and while getting the pillow ratio correct can get pricey - we are talking about your haven after a hard days work here.  You deserve it!

Are you considering a chair instead of a bed as your special pillow's home? You will still want to consider scale.  A narrow chair, such as the classic Chippendale Chair will be a perfect match for a 14 inch pillow. A mid-size arm chair, like this Lazyboy High Leg Recliner will be a great compliment to a 16 inch pillow. But if Grampa is worried about his space, stick with a 14 inch here.

For your larger arm chairs, like Roger + Chris' English Roll Arm Chair, a 16 inch pillow will float in the space, while and 18 inch will fill it.  For a love seat, consider a 16 inch pillow with 2 complimentary 18 inch throws will work together well. In this same space, you could go with an 18 inch on it's own or sitting against a solid colored 20 or 22 inch throw.

Back to the bedroom, I've talked before about choosing the correct size and number of pillow shams to use on your bed. To get the finishing touch you are searching for with your custom throw pillows, you do need a good base.  That base is formed by your pillow shams.
Pillow Sham Sizes Chart | Belinda Lee Designs
Making your dream bedroom....How many shams? What Size?
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