Introducing a favorite movie character to our children | For the love of James Bond

I recently saw a great video that made me smile. It was a marketing tidbit from Coke where they were awarding Skyfall tickets to travelers making their way through the Central Station of Antwerp in Belgium.  These unsuspecting contestants were invited to win tickets by finding their way to Platform 6 in 70 seconds.  What they did not know is they would be interfered with by actors during their mad dash in true James Bond style

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I enjoyed the video so much I shared it on Facebook and later showed it to my husband.  Everyone else seemed to really enjoy it - including my Dad. So, I thought my energetic duo (kiddoes ages 9 and 11) would get a kick out of it and maybe want to imitate Mr. Bond's proteges evasive maneuvers themselves.


What?  Well, as it turns out, I am a really good parent and have never introduced my young children James Bond films.  You see it's rated PG-13 and my go-to-guru for vetting out movies for the kids, Movie Mom, says High School is the lowest recommended age for this flick.  My gut confirms her recommendation - violence, political scenarios and not the least of concern, Bond's sexual escapades, put this one on the wait list.  I, personally, enjoy the levity of this particular spy genre a lot, although I do shake my head in disgust at Bond's bad behavior. But, I'm not ready to explain it all to my children. So, for now, James Bond is not on the viewing menu. For them anyway.

However, by the grace of YouTube, I was able to show my children the symmetry between Coke's lighthearted Bond course and some of the intense action sequences that make the Bond movies so exciting (at least to me).  Now, imagine my disappointment, when my 9 year-old declared the selected scenes from Skyfall (Scaffolding Fight) and Casino Royale (Parkour Chase) stupid. "Why would they break so many windows?" "Are all the people on that train bad? Then why is he ruining the whole thing?" "Why would she shoot her own guy?" And "What does 007 mean?"

James Bond Skyfall Movie Scaffolding Fight Clip (source: MOVIECLIPS/YouTube)

James Bond Casino Royale Movie Parkour Chase Clip
(sidenote: our gym here offers Parkour classes and there are many Parkour courses in Minecraft - So I am still not 100% sure of where I failed to connect with my son on this one!)

After many, many minutes of explaining the need to cover true identities in the world of espionage and the need for dramatic smashing of things in escapist spy movies.  I gave up. While my son is willing and able to suspend reality for his beloved cartoon-based Dragon and Pokemon movies - suspending reality for movies with real people in them is not fully in his grasp yet. More fodder for holding Bond and other characters like him out of Mr. Logic's reach for quite a bit longer - like college (just kidding....maybe).

For me, I'll continue to enjoy the escapism of it all. When the new Bond movie Spectre comes out in November, we'll have a sitter lined up and maybe even a pre-movie dinner reservation.

Want to grab a sneak peak?  Here's the Sneak Peak Trailer from the 2015 Bond movie Spectre.

(Another sidenote: About that Coke video - it is supposed to be a great example of Guerrilla Marketing. I think this particular level of marketing is the kind that only a company like Coke can afford to pull off though.)

Here it is, the video that started my whole James Bond sharing Love-fest.
Unlock the 007 in you. You have 70 seconds! 

Where you humming along to the Bond Theme Song at the end too?