Easy Fix for a Wrinkled Pillow Cover - Pillow Care Instructions

Pillow covers can get quite rumply in their travels. 

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Personalized Bar Mitzvah and Bar Mitvah Keepsake Pillows for Twins

Smooth your pillow cover out by following these simple steps:

  1. Cover your ironing surface with a clean pillowcase.
  2. Remove the insert from your pillow cover. 
  3. Zip your pillow cover up and lay it design facing down.
  4. With your hands smooth the cover out so the edges meet up nicely at the seams.
  5. For canvas duck pillow covers, heat your iron to high-cotton with lots of steam. Otherwise, follow the heat guidelines for your pillow's material.
  6. If you know your iron leaves water marks, cover your pillow with another clean pillow case.
  7. Press the edges of the pillow cover with your hot iron. 
  8. Now, iron starting from the center and press outward to the pillow edges.
  9. Flip the pillow over and repeat pressing.
For really tough fabrics you may have to actually press iron with a firm downward pressure. To get really good leverage, I lower my ironing board down to hip height and then press with two hands on the iron handle really putting my weight into it. But of course, not so much that you collapse the ironing board!

I hope that helps your pillow look snuggle-ready!