Surround Yourself With Like Minded People Designing Purpose-Filled Lives | Inspired Quote

Image: Stay Positive Daily

I keep my eye out for unique sayings and sentiments. It's one way I come up with new product ideas. My dear friend Anne sends me random quotes that resonate with her - "Belinda - this would make a great pillow." But the quote above isn't what I call a stitchable quote, rather it's unique and timely to this season - the season of Networking.

You thought I was going to say Fall, right? For many working women, Fall signals the end of our summer routine and the ramping back up of our work game.  While I dislike the word networking - it feels icky - what I love about it can be seen in the photo below.

Networking Raleigh Business Women and Moms | Belinda Lee Designs | Vend Raleigh | The Wake Zone Apex
Vend Raleigh members meeting at a coffee networking event.
That's me in the back left in the green top and necklace.

The ladies in my Raleigh business group (Vend Raleigh) are all ramping up their game this Fall. But what they bring to the table is even more than their smiles and bright personalities - it's their willingness to share their experiences and lift one another up. {I just attended VR's Illuminate conference and I'm a little fired up!}

This Mark Twain quote immediately brings this great network of like-minded women and mother entrepreneurs to mind. This sentiment of purpose-filled lives - shining our personal light through our work is a common thread for each of us. I am so lucky to have them in my life to provide a regular sanity check or just to make me feel like I am experienced and have something worth sharing.

Don't we all need to find our people?  Whether you are a Finance Guru and you link up with FENG or a Stay-at-Home Mom connecting with your peeps at the local MOPS group or a Creative Entrepreneur getting support on Tara Swiger's Starship.

Do you have a network of compadres to lean on and learn from in your work?
Tell me about them here and expand your network a little further!