Sewing Camp 2015: Hand Sewing Camp Photo Gallery & Supply List

I was fortunate to teach two wonderful groups of young ladies hand sewing camp this year!

This post is going to show all of the wonderful things that they made, but first I want to share a supply list of what we used so you can keep on sewing!

Your Hand Sewing Supply List

Fabric Scissors
Paper Scissors
White Thread
Embroidery Floss
Assorted Buttons
Chalk (for tracing patterns)
Colored Fabric (100% Cotton or a Poly Cotton Blend)
White Fabric (I purchase inexpensive muslin, available at Walmart)
Fabric Markers
Hand Sewing Needles (for sewing with Cotton Thread on Cotton Fabric)
Cotton Thread
Chenille Needles (for sewing with Embroidery Floss on Felt)
Colored Felt
Sewing School Book

And now for your beautiful creations!


See you at camp next year! 

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