Vintage Aprons and Chickens | Making a vintage style apron

I was the recipient of a super thoughtful Christmas gift.  It was a Vintage Apron pattern and the fabric to create it. Really thoughtful, right?   (Thank you Anita!!).
Vintage Apron Pattern Review | Belinda Lee Designs
My sweet model showing off one side of my reversible vintage apron

The great Project Starter in me immediately cut the pattern out and cut the fabric up as well.  I was going to make the Reversible Version. The Slacker in me looked at that ready-to-go project every day from January until July - saying "I'm going to get to that very soon." In July, I began the great post-camp studio clean up and very soon became right now.

Vintage Apron Pattern Review | Belinda Lee Designs
Vintage Apron Pattern from Houston Street Mercantile in Granbury, TX

The pattern was a Quilt Stitch and Sew picked up at Houston Street Mercantile, the cutest quilt shop in Texas. The pattern went together quite easily, I'd say in under 2 hours.  The most fun part was adding some decorative stitching to the top of the pocket.

Vintage Apron Pattern Review | Belinda Lee Designs
A decorative heart stitch pattern was used to topstitch the pocket
The one challenge was cutting out the neck hole.  I waited so long between cutting the pattern and fabric out and actually constructing the thing, that I couldn't figure out how the neck went together. Once I looked back at the pattern and realized I had forgotten to cut the hole - all was well!

I also made the ties reversible. The pattern didn't provide instructions for how to do this, but it was easy enough to just make a long tube with one fabric making each side up.  This actually saved me a step because once I turned it right side out I didn't have to worry about finishing off the ends.

This is a great pattern for the beginner sewist! A perfect starter project if you've been in a sewing rut too.

What do you think of the chicken print?  It's perfect for a kitchen apron, right?