Let's Ride Closer to Free | There's Something In It For You Besides Helping to Kick Cancer's Butt

Crusading for Carl
A few years ago, my friend Stacey lost her husband Carl to cancer. Our families blossomed along the same timeline: marriage and babies. But cancer, how could that be?

I realized how easily our lives could continue on that same path and my heart was so heavy at the thought of carrying on without the love of my life. Stacey is a vibrant soul and she's finding her way through with the support of her family, including my BFF Heidi.

To support them, I'm asking you to support the Closer to Free Ride for Smilow Cancer Hospital in Connecticut. Heidi is riding 62.5 miles this year as part of the Carl's Crusaders team.  Funds will be used for research and patient care at this Yale Cancer Center hospital where they treat more cancer patients than any other hospital in Connecticut.

Keep Calm and Bike On. Help raise funds to beat cancer! Donate to win this pillow.

Ready to help? Donate $10 or more to the Carl's Crusaders team and you will be entered to win this totally awesome Keep Calm and Bike On pillow cover.*

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Let's Ride Closer To Free, Shall We?

*This year's ride is September 6, 2014. Donations made by August 1, 2014 will be included in the drawing. However, we reserve the right to extend the drawing up to August 31 to accommodate our beach bum friends who are currently vacationing but still want to help :)