Fashion Sewing Camp | Days 4 and 5 | Sewing on Elastic and a Fantastic Fashion Show

Day 4 we finished up our Blossoming Necklaces and moved right into our Grande Finale Project - the Super Simple Skirt. This turned out to be our biggest challenge of all and I overhead a least one camper guffaw when they heard the title of our project. Simple, it was not. Awesome? It totally was!
The Super (not so) Simple Skirt in pink and beachball print fabrics.

We learned that when you are stitching together the ends of an elastic to create a circle for a waistband, the best stitch pattern to use is the Tricot Stitch - it looks like a lightening bolt. We tried both straight and zig zag stitches, but both of these resulted in a lot of bird's next under the elastic.

The girls also learned about hemming and seam rippers.

We closed the week of camp out with a Fashion Show. Where the girls taught me it's easier to own the runway when it's in the hallway with just their peers that to stroll out in front of their loving fans (parents). The girls wore their skirts, jewelry and an embellished shirt.

Strutting the runway in Super Simple Skirts,  Blossoming Necklace and a t-shirt embellished with a new pocket and neckline.
It was a great week at camp and I lasting friendships were made with both sewing machines and campers alike!