Fashion Sewing Camp | Day 2 | Working with the Glue Gun - It's Hot!!

On Day 2, we learned that glue guns and irons are hot, really hot :(

Frankly, I am not a huge fan of glue guns but some projects can't be done without them. If you use them, supervise your campers closely. The glue stays hot for quite some time after it is applied. Don't even get me started on irons, I have the marks to prove we aren't on friendly terms - the iron and I. But again, the iron is a necessary evil in most sewing projects.

 Don't even get me started on the oven.... but thankfully, this isn't cooking camp!

We are Sewing!! Today we created Spring Bling Rings - TOTALLY awesome!
Fashion Sewing Camp | Day 2 | Spring Bling Rings
The Daisy version of the Spring Blink Ring

The recipe for Spring Bling Rings? Ring Blanks, Felt Fabric, small Plastic Beads, Thread and Needle.

This was a super quick project. Within 45 minutes, we went from snipping to blinging!

Our next project was the Folded Flower Pin.  You can buy templates to online at Nancy's Notions and Amazon, even your local quilt shops carry them. But the We Love To Sew book we've been using at camp, shows an easy way to make them without a template.

Folded Flower Pin in a colorful variety of fabrics.
Pinterest is a great resource for tutorials too.

This was a great way to use up the small pieces of fabric that get left over after you finish a project. So save those up!

The Folded Flower Pin takes 8 pieces of 4 inch by 4 fabric, a button, a 2 inch felt scrap and a bar pin.

Another beautiful folded flower pin!
The true beauty of the folded flower pins was that every pin was different!

Stay tuned! Tomorrow we'll be working on Blossoming Necklaces and get started on our Super Simple Skirts. We'll be breaking out the sewing machines! (And putting away the glue guns! Phew!!!)