Fashion Sewing Camp | Day 3 | Sewing Machine 101 and a Lolli Pop Quiz

The girls were greeted by 6 shiny sewing machines when they arrived at camp today.  This elicited squeals of both delight and fear. By the end of the day, every camper was able to operate a sewing machine with confidence!

Fashion Sewing Camp | Sewing Machine 101 | Anatomy of a Sewing Machine | Belinda Lee Designs
Anatomy of a Sewing Machine courtesy of
We started with a little Sewing Machine 101. We broke up into small groups where we explained the anatomy of a sewing machine. Then each camper got a chance to do a test drive - it was a huge success!

Then there was a Pop Quiz - a Lollipop Quiz. We asked the campers questions about what they had in learned Sewing Machine 101 - lollipops were rewarded for each correct answer. There were lots and lots of lollipops handed out!

After snack, we came back to attack the Blossoming Necklace project! We cut out our six fabric flowers. Then sewed a simple open ended fabric tube on the sewing machine. Next, we turned our tube right-side-out with the aid of a large safety pin.

Most girls made it to the turning step. But a couple of sneaky campers, who had to stay late to wait for their mom/ride (me!), made it to the step where they alternately tied knots and slipped large beads into their tubes. This gave their necklaces some nice weight and body.

Blossoming Necklaces | Fashion Sewing Camp | Belinda Lee Designs | Raleigh NC
Flower petals ready to be folded, stacked, and sewn onto our bead-filled Blossoming Necklaces.
Tomorrow, we'll finish up on this project and move onto Simple Skirts and start embellishing our Flowery Tees. Come back tomorrow to see how we did! The big Fashion Show is Friday!!

Question For You . . . 

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