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I like to play a fun game called "What's Stitchin'" with my Facebook friends and fans. I post a picture of something I am stitching before it is complete and ask people what they think it will be. Usually a handful of fun folks participate and it's a way to escape from our day to day grind and interact a little with each other.
Design Your Own Keep Calm Pillow COVER | Custom Keep Calm And | 16 x 16 inches | Belinda Lee Designs

The response was outstanding and the guesses were funny, quirky and inspiring.

Here are just a few:
Keep Calm and Mow the Lawn
Keep Calm and Graduate
Keep Calm and Bake
Keep Calm and Hug the Baby
Keep Calm and Princess On
Keep Calm and Hug Mom
Keep Calm and Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
Keep Calm and Run On
Keep Calm and Hug Dad
Keep Calm and Shine On

Every phrase had a special meaning to the person who posted it. Reminding them of some moment in their life. Trust me, mowing the lawn is my only chance to get outside some days - I actually welcome the opportunity when it comes!

That's the beauty of being able creating something that is custom - something that speaks to you or to someone you care about. While the generating the embroidery and pillow design are a science - it's an art to really get the message right.

Oh and What was Stichin'?

Design Your Own Keep Calm Pillow COVER | 16 x 16 inches | Belinda Lee Designs
Keep Calm and Hug Gramma  Now starring in a playroom in Ohio.