More Behind the Scenes | Introducing a New Creator Video Series

This video series is dedicated to young sewists and energetic project starters everywhere.

Sewing can be a test of patience and perseverance. Frankly, these are key elements for the success of any creative project.  Young creators, in particular, are super energized to start a project but have a hard time pushing through the tough bits without a guiding hand.  You see, they aren't interested in reading the directions before they begin, which can lead to problems quickly.

Often, when we encounter a step that doesn't make sense, giving up seems like a good solution.  With a mentor who can help us think it through - to see the Why of the steps, we are usually able to push through - earning the reward of a completed project and the pride knowing we did it ourselves.

A good life lesson, right?

In truth, I know all about the urge to stop moving forward when I can't see around the bend.  So, I've created this sweet treat of a video series.  One where we can have the quick rewards of a great project completed in a ridiculously small amount of time. What??? Check out my intro video below.

We are talking Creative Process fused with Instant Gratification.  

To my Sewing Friends, young and old alike, I hope these videos give you the inspiration to keep moving ahead with your most challenging projects. I'll be sharing my creative process for some of the projects I make in my studio. You'll see me work through a project - at hyper-speed. In my first video, I turn a 3 hour sewing project into a 2 minute video.

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Are you stuck on a project?

Send me a note, I'd love to help you push through the bumps in the road!