Learn How to Applique on Your Embroidery Machine

Learning to applique using your embroidery machine really opens the door for some fancy and fun creations.  There are many options out there to learn - free YouTube Videos, paid online classes and good old tutorials.

My favorite way to learn is to have a video I can rewind, slow down and repeat - but nothing beats having access to an instructor who will answer your questions. So my first choice is Craftsy and they have a great class called Machine Embroidered Applique to get your started. The class covers all of the basics including: how to prep and stabilize your fabrics and using paper templates to help you get your design place in just the right spot. With 5 separate projects, it's going to take you from newbie to pro in not time.*

Another option is to cruise YouTube for helpful videos. I was excited to find that one of my favorite embroidery bloggers, Rosemary Gullege, has started putting videos up on YouTube. {See Everybody's doing it!}. Her blog is full of great tidbits for machine embroiderers, but these videos of her machine in action will fascinate even the non-embroiderer.

I can't tell you the number of people I've seen hypnotized by a big embroidery machine in action {Daphne? David? Does this sound like you too?}. It is truly mesmerizing. Don't believe me?  Go watch for yourself as Rosemary shows you how she creates an adorable moose applique.

Applique Cafe Moose | Embroidery Design | Belinda Lee Designs Blog

Looking for great embroidery tips and adorable applique designs? Check out Rosemary's Blog Applique Cafe. {Her shop shares same sweet name!}


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