Big Announcement! DIY Video Series aka Creating Something Else

Have you ever heard the saying that a french fry is just a vehicle for the ketchup? Well, that's sort of what my paradigm shift is about. Now, the french fries have to be really good, for me a super potatoey french fry just doesn't cut it. But it's really all about the ketchup, the red gooey goodness is the star of the show.

Where is this going? Remember last week I posted about having a big paradigm shift that was leading to make a big announcement? Well here it is and you can watch it on video below or read on. Or do both!

That's where I am today,
realizing that it's not about the pillow, it's about the embroidery. Paradigm Shift #1: The embroidery is the star of the show. The pillow has to be really good to do it's job showcasing the beautiful threadwork. But, it's the artistry of the embroidery that catches your eye and your heart. It's just that we see it and say "I have to have that pillow", not "I have to have that embroidery".

This wasn't a one day epiphany for me. And I won't draw a long detailed picture for you, but let me just say that my epiphany crystallized with a pillow whose design - a family tree - was too special to allow it be thrown on the floor. It simply could not become a throw pillow. So, this would-be pillow became a wrapped canvas instead. And there it was, my Aha Moment. Every embroidery design didn't need to be a pillow, it could be Something Else.

With pencil in hand, I started a list, of all the Something Elses it could be. And as I admired my growing list, I realized I couldn't possibly teach classes on all of these things. My crafty friends and followers aren't all close by and they can't come over Every Saturday Night for 35 Weeks - that's how many Something Elses were on my list. That's when Paradigm Shift #2 arrived on the scene. I don't have to teach every class in my studio, I can record them and Share The Videos here on my blog!

And there it is - two major paradigm shifts! Number 1: Embroidery is art and it can be so much than a pillow. Number 2: I don't need to teach every class from my studio, I can share it here on my blog. Please watch this spot or better yet, just subscribe to the blog and I'll let you know when each new video in the series is released.

The first video will be on how to turn embroidered art into a wrapped canvas.

Okay, now I need some help from you....what should this video series be called?

Leave a comment below with your suggestion!


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