Prelude to a Big Announcement| A Paradigm Shift and Calling Art....Well...Art!

Next week, I'll be making a big announcement about my little shop.

It has been a truly tumultuous journey to this point.

Gosh, that sounds so serious, when really, my news is good news.

No... Great News.  No...AMAZING NEWS!

I can't help but think of this scene from the Disney movie The Incredibles. Where the little neighbor boy is sitting on his trike in Mr. Incredible's driveway just watching Mr. Incredible.  But he's not Mr. Incredible, at least not yet.  He's just Bob Parr and he's been living his life in a suit, hiding his true identity, just trying to keep moving forward.

Bob Parr: What are you waiting for?

Little Boy: I don't know, something amazing, I guess.

Bob Parr: Me too, kid.

Well, I'm done waiting.  I have a favorite saying for these kinds of moments. But, since I wouldn't say it in front of my Sewing Campers - who could be reading since they all seem to be more tech-savvy than me - but it goes sort of like "Either poo or get off the pot."  It's much more colorful the other way, but I'm going to do the first.

Sink or Swim, come early next week, I'm crossing the ocean.

Are you coming?