An easy way to upcycle and make what's old new again!

When we lived in Texas, a mom friend opened an upscale women's boutique. She was boisterous and energetic and she had a killer wardrobe. But she had a problem, her closet was too full to fit any new stuff in it. Nice problem, right?

She solved this problem by have a closet cleaning party. How did it work? She put all of the things she no longer wanted in her spare bedroom, invited over all her Texas girlfriends and opened a few bottles of wine. The lucky invitees brought bags and helped this dear girl with her problem {and her wine}. Don't have a friend like this?

Here's another idea then.
Maybe you have a purse in your closet that came with a lotion set {Bath and Bodyworks has the cutest packaging!}. It's cute, but not special, but it could be if you added a monogram. Case in point, a lovely red plaid bag I picked up from my friend's closet cleaning shindig. I loved the texture of it, but it was a tad too preppy for me. So, I added a monogram. Much cuter, right?!?!

Okay, so monograms. Yeah! How to get one.... a few options here.

Free! Do it yourself by hand. Seriously, you can do this! My summer campers became hand embroidery pros in a morning's time. Here's a great video to show you how.

Prefer a written tutorial? Okay, here's one from Martha with Penn & Fletcher (a fab embroidery house in New York) embroidery guru Andrew Marlay.

Free! Find a friend with an embroidery machine. You'd be surprised how many people have one these days with Walmart and Amazon selling reasonably priced entry level machines. Offer them a coffee for their time and efforts (I used to do it for coffee back in the day!).

Not free! There are kiosks and small shops in most malls and downtown areas that would be happy to cuten up that purse or sweatshirt or button up top for you. Seriously try this Google search and see what comes up on your map.

Even the "not free" option is less money than grabbing a new Vera Bradley bag {or even one off eBay!). {But her new patterns are so darn cute. I know!!}

Happy Upcycling!!!