Sewing Camp Day 5: Say Hello To My Leeetle Friend (Summer 2013)

How quickly a week flew by, yet the creativity continued to flow! The sewers met all of the camp's objectives.
  • Knot & Thread Needle - Check
  • Running Stitch - Check
  • Whip Stitch - Check
  • Quilt - Check 
  • Applique - Check
  • Create a project from written directions - Check?
To this point, we walked through day's project as a group.  Today, everyone chose their own project to create. With some pretty wonderful results, the girls grabbed the book and went it alone. ...Check!

We had a super soft hat with a sweet felt flower.
Two Just Right Pouches (just right for iTouches!).

Three Little Friends.

And many other super creative projects.  It was a great week - so great that one camper decided she was coming back for a second week. Sweet!

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