Sewing Camp Day 3: Games! Threads and Needles (summer 2013)

Day 3! This is the day the girls finally got antsy. They weren't sick of sewing but they realized that adding seven different embellishments to a single project really pushed off that instant gratification to which they are accustomed.

To break the tension, we played a game of Threads and Needles - akin to Ships and Sailors. Poses were struck with great fur or - candy was on the line! The caller shouted "Fashion Show" and girls strutted their stuff. "Appliqué!" and two girls looped together to make their own version of people-appliqué.

Giggles broke out and sewing willpower returned.

Within 20 minutes, mutual project adoration could be overheard. "I love
that button." "Sweet! Did you turn your purse into a backpack?" "Let me show you how I made this monogram."

It's been great fun watching the creativity of these young ladies! Only two days left and indeed we will applique and maybe make our own little fashion show!
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