Sewing Camp Day 1: I Can Thread My Own Needle

Here we go!

Camp started with 3 Big Objectives:
  1. Campers will learn to thread their own needle and tie knots to start and end stitching.
  2. Campers will learn make both running and whip stitches.
  3. Campers will successful follow written project instructions to complete a sewn project.

Truthfully, threading a needle is a pain. It would be much easier to have the instructor (Me!) thread the needle.  But that wouldn't help the girls when they want to sew on their own. How to motivate the girls to thread their own needle was the big question. The original Sewing School ladies had a great idea which I adopted - and it worked like a charm...
Learn to thread a needle and tie a knot and get to sign your name on my fancy "I Can Thread My Needle" sign. Again, this is much harder then you would think, and only a third of the class could do it by the end of the first day. So signing the sign was a BIG DEAL! 

Then there was button sewing - a task which brings many adults to tears. But each girl managed it, making a needle book to keep their needles safe and "findable". 

Finally, we learned running stitch and whip stitch. Putting these workhorse techniques to good use - the girls stitch their first project - a pillow!