Tips for Ordering Your Family Tree

This post came out of a response I wrote to a sweet friend trying to wrap her mind around the process of ordering a family tree. It's a lot to think about for sure!

My mom's family tree in-progress. This wall art is stitched on black canvas in a rustic color scheme to match her home's decor.

She asked....

Hi Belinda! I need your help  I want to order a family tree design for my mom for Christmas and my sister wants one for her mother-in-law. Is it best for me to order through your Etsy site? Also, what tends to be the most desired - pillow or canvas? And what color fabric / canvas would you recommend? I like the neutrals - is that the natural in your photos? I just can't decide! Also, I am looking at 10 names...would that look lost on a larger size or would you just adjust the sizes / spacing? How soon do we need to finalize our decisions? Lots of questions Thanks a lot for your help! - L

Let's work through it all together!

How to Order:
You can order through my shop on Etsy* which you can access via the Shop tab on my website.

If you are local and want to pick up your order from my studio, I can create a special listing for you because we can eliminate the cost of shipping.

If you are not a fan of Etsy, please email me and we talk through an alternate ordering and payment arrangement (generally PayPal or Square).

*Etsy is an eCommerce website that makes the ordering process a breeze.  Read more about purchasing from my shop on Etsy.

Which to Choose Pillow or Wall Art?
People who hate clutter are better recipients for the wall art. The pillows are actually more popular though. Don't be afraid of the pillow because I include the insert so you don't have to go spend hours trying to find one that fits.

Choosing Colors
Most people go with the Natural colored fabric for their wall art or pillow.  That is what you see in most of the
customer photos I post. That said, I am doing a black canvas right now for my mom and it's stunning (see photo above). 

I think it's important to consider the tastes and the prevalent colors in their home decor when you are making a choice. The design colors or threads you choose are also based upon those same principles.

I am more than happy to help you select colors. Once you've ordered, send me a few pictures of the space and I'll make some suggestions for you.

See the available thread and fabric choices here.

More on Choosing Colors
Different colored threads can be used to indicate family generations and relationships. Generally:
- Family Name and established date share a color
- Parents and their adult children share a color
- Spouses share a color
- Grandchildren share a third and/or fourth color

What size should you choose?
The size you choose is really based upon personal preference and the location you envision the item in. 

Do you want it to be a central part of their decor? Go big.

Is your loved one more demure and reserved? Go small. 

The names will be manipulated in size and location to make the tree appear full no matter which size you choose. Of course, if you have more than 20 names then your only choice is to go big because we need the space to fit the names in.

How long until you get it?
My turn around time is 2 weeks right now, but that's subject to change as we get closer to the busy Christmas season. If it's being shipped you'll want to pencil in an extra week to account for shipping. (It usually doesn't take that long but I'd rather be surprised by an early package than disappointed by a late one).

Did I answer all of your questions? 

Is there anything else you were wondering at all? Email me at and I would be glad to help!