Buying a Personalized Gift? You Must Read This First!

Recently, I made a keepsake for a Sweet Baby's baptism. His very thoughtful Godmother proclaimed the beauty of her special gift - no generic Target gift for her! Unfortunately, Sweet Baby's mom had bad news to share with super thoughtful Godmother... they had gone with a different middle name for Sweet Baby.

First Communion Gift Personalized Keepsake | Belinda Lee Designs
First Communion Keepsake
 (Baptism keepsake not shown
to protect the truly thoughtful Godmother).
The Beautiful Keepsake's destiny was no longer to be hung in a place of honor on Sweet Baby's wall, but instead to be stashed in a box of soon-to-be-forgotten mementos.

Don't let this happen to your Beautiful Keepsake or other fantastically personalized gift!

Two Simple Steps for Perfect Personalization:

1. Find out what information you will need to personalize the item. Gather the information for your gift recipient and then verify it with someone close to them. Yes, you may have to be covert. But you would be amazed what you can find out from Google....and Grandma.

2. If the company making your gift doesn't offer, ask them to send you a proof to approve before they begin final work on your keepsake. Review this proof closely. Are all of the details correct? Check for both Spelling and Accuracy, Is the layout of the design as you anticipated? The colors?

3. If you are able, have your "Verifier" look the proof over too. A second set of eyes never hurts.  Feel free to ignore their feedback on your color choices though, this is your special creation!

I personally love Step #2 because sending a color proof makes me, as a creator, feel confident I've gotten your vision right. I'm able to avoid typos because I use online forms to capture your special person's information - you get to type it in. I cut and paste from those forms into my embroidery software - no typos here! However, the Verifier is critical to your cause. Without them your James Jackson could accidentally be a Jackson James and LaBeouf Family could wind up as the Labeouf Family.
Buying A Personalized Gift Read This First | Belinda Lee Designs

Do your detective work before you order so your well thought of keepsake can stay in the limelight for years to come!

Do you have any sage advice or "Oops" stories of permanently stashed mementos?

Please share them in the comments below so we can commiserate together.