Sunday, August 30, 2015

What will my family tree look like? :: FAQ

Kathryn asked: How will my family tree look with just 3 branches? 

Glad you asked Kathryn, check out the Magee family tree in all it's 3 branch glory! 

Did you know that there is a Gallery for each of my pillow styles so you don't have to wonder what it might look like? 

Click here to see them:

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Tale of Two Family Tree Designing Sisters :: Customer Cameo

Sisters Dana and Lara Give the Gift of Family Trees
Sisters Dana and Lora have a lot in common - well beyond their 4-letter first names! And when they were brainstorming ideas for Christmas gifts their Mom they went found themselves with the same idea - let's celebrate her with a family tree.

But Dana didn't stop there - she knew her mother-in-law Pamela would like to see her own family tree in stitches.  We worked together to customize each pillow's color scheme to match each special Mom.

While both girls went for the ever-neutral Natural cotton canvas fabric, Dana chose vivid jewel tone threads and a pale tree for her mother-in-law Pamela, while Lora went for deeper tones throughout the design for the girls' mom Nancy.

The hardest part?  These ladies are planners - their pillows were made in October and they had to wait until Christmas to see if the Moms' were as delighted with their design work as they were! Nice job Ladies!!

You don't need to wait for Christmas! Design your one-of-a-kind family tree here.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Making a Beautiful Family Tree for a Small Family :: A Customer Cameo

John wanted to make Mother's Day special for his wife Ellen.  He really wanted to get her a family tree pillow and he really wanted that pillow to be blue. Ellen is not a grandmother, yet, she's a mom of two sweet kids so their tree would be intimate - just the four of them.

When John found out he could not only get a blue pillow but could choose special thread colors for each child he went to town.  Lavender for Emily and Duke Blue for Nic, Twinkle Blue for he and Ellen and White for their last name. Wait blue thread on a blue pillow? We gave it the old college try but the blue Nic didn't show up well at all.  In fact, the tree looked a little disjointed with all of different colors for the parents and children.

Back to the drawing board, John decided to make it simple. White for everybody! And there it was - simple perfection. John found the key to making a more intimate (small) family tree sing is to go for simplicity - use the pillow fabric color get bring in a punch of color and go for a single color to unite the family.

Great job John!!

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