Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A new uncle makes a most special custom gift for his new nephew

Greg was a first time uncle and he wanted to get something super special to celebrate his new nephew. As we worked through the proofing process, Greg painstakingly selected his colors: Periwinkle, Royal Navy and Lime. Then, we tried them in a couple of different spots to get it right... the navy for the middle and last name, no wait, let's try the lime instead. Nope, the navy for sure.

Proofs for creating Greg's custom Birth Announcement Subway Art Pillow
Proofs for creating Greg's custom Birth Announcement Subway Art Pillow
Then he asked for something new, something so sweet, something I hadn't thought of before.  Let's combine the hospital and state onto one line and put the parents' names onto that line we saved.  Now that's special!

What do you think?

Boy's Custom Birth Announcement Subway Art | Belinda Lee Designs
A truly special gift from a super thoughtful first time uncle. Nice job Greg!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Celebrating those big moments with gifts of Subway Art (Shots from the Studio)

It's so hard to share what's leaving the studio without ruining the surprise for the recipient. So a little delayed, here are a few of the things that left the studio recently.  Celebrating new beginnings for sweet babies and their families and new chapters of life with a young man starting his adult life within his religious community.

Birth Announcement Subway Art Baby Gift | Bar Mitzvah Gift Subway Art Pillow
Celebrating a sweet baby with a birth announcement pillow and sharing Congratulations on a young man's Bar Mitzah

Monday, January 12, 2015

The re-birth of a beloved bridesmaid's dress {A pillow story}

Nicole met Mary after college through a mutual friend. The girls became fast friends. Fast forward several years, Mary asked Nicole to be part of her wedding, complete with an adorable, full length, pale pink, silk bridesmaid's dress.

Personalized New Baby Keepsake Pillows by Belinda Lee Designs
Nicole and Mary celebrating at Mary's Rehearsal Dinner (left).
Mary and her bridesmaids in their beautiful pink bridesmaid's dresses (right).
In 2014, Mary was ready to celebrate again.  Her family would be welcoming a baby girl New Years Day! Nicole had something wonderful in mind. A baby shower, of course, and a new life for that gorgeous bridesmaid dress. Nicole and I worked together to turn that silk gown into a huggable personalized baby pillow.

Personalized New Baby Keepsake Pillows by Belinda Lee Designs
Nicole with Mary and her bridesmaids at her baby shower (left).
Mary with Nicole's gift of a personalized baby pillow made from her up-cycled pale pink silk bridesmaid's dress (right).
Nicole is a favorite local family lifestyle photographer who is difficult to get out from behind her camera, so thank you to whomever managed to capture her in these photos!

Now you tell me, what fabulous ways have you up-cycled a bridesmaid's dress? 

I confess, I turned one into a Halloween Costume - poodle skirt, of course!