Friday, September 25, 2015

What about when a family tree doesn't fit | Wedding and Anniversary Gifts for non traditional families

I love the family tree designs I've made so often this past year.  But too often I've heard that it poses too many questions, like where to put this family member who is divorced now.  You want to celebrate your unique family but wonder how to put together the design without hurting any feelings.  

When you are giving such a personal gift the last thing you want is for it to bring pain to a beloved or even not so beloved family member.  With the help of some lovely customer suggestions (Thank You!), I've developed several designs for celebrating every family and union. These designs are perfect for second marriages, 42nd anniversaries, shower gifts for the new bride, weddings that combine families.

Anniversary Subway Art | Gift for Non Traditional Family
Anniversary Subway Art celebrating 42 blessed years of togetherness.

Wedding Subway Art | Gift for Non Traditional Family
Wedding Subway Art for a second marriage incorporating all of the children's names.

Family Heart Art | Gift for Non Traditional Family
Family Heart Wall Art combines the members of both families and their grandchildren.

These gifts are really for anyone in love and sharing their life with their loved one.

What designs would you like to see?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Making a beautiful product photo backdrop

I have been photographing my products on a beautiful hall tree my husband made for our tenth wedding anniversary. It's sit nobly in our front foyer and houses bags,  backpacks and hats most of the time.

I have secretly wanted to keep it up in my studio so I could have the joy of it's
beauty (and storage) all to myself. But that felt a bit too selfish. 

I finally confessed this inner desire to my husband and he offered to make me something similar just for my studio.

We went right out to purchase the supplies but after a few weeks it became clear that my project was on the back burner.

Enter my father-in-law from stage left (okay, Massachusetts). A former construction engineer, retirement is not his ideal status, he is always looking for that next big project (have you seen my FIL constructed workroom table?).

He went straight to work and made such a beautiful piece of furniture for me. His creation is not just a backdrop but it has a shelf for setting my pillows on. He always goes the extra mile! 

I think he should start his own little business. Don't you agree?

Two coats of cherry stain and an overnight of drying made the color very rich. I was hoping it's wasn't too dark as I move it into place.

I think with my lighting set up properly this set up is going to be just what I need. This test photo - taken and edited with my iPhone 5 - is proof enough for me.

Do you see my shadow? Time to break out the professional gear!

Friday, September 4, 2015

#CancerSucks so let's ride it out of town together.

#CancerSucks so let's ride it out of town together. 

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You can simply buy one ($25) and I'll donate from $5 your purchase to Carl's Crusaders. 

Easy peasy! 

Get your Carl's Crusaders hat today because they ride away next weekend!

PS The Carl's Crusaders hats have a short brim and Velcro closure so no ponytail troubles.