Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Buying a Personalized Gift? You Must Read This First!

Recently, I made a keepsake for a Sweet Baby's baptism. His very thoughtful Godmother proclaimed the beauty of her special gift - no generic Target gift for her! Unfortunately, Sweet Baby's mom had bad news to share with super thoughtful Godmother... they had gone with a different middle name for Sweet Baby.

First Communion Gift Personalized Keepsake | Belinda Lee Designs
First Communion Keepsake
 (Baptism keepsake not shown
to protect the truly thoughtful Godmother).
The Beautiful Keepsake's destiny was no longer to be hung in a place of honor on Sweet Baby's wall, but instead to be stashed in a box of soon-to-be-forgotten mementos.

Don't let this happen to your Beautiful Keepsake or other fantastically personalized gift!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to Fix Mismatched Furniture | Unifying Your Look With Pillows

My home is a never-ending flurry of projects in progress. I am sure you can relate.  So when our 3-year porch project began to look like a porch, I was ready to start using the space.  The major problem was the patio furniture I splurged on when we started the project  - a peach and cream upholstered beige wicker set - did not provide enough seating. Even worse, this patio set was no longer in production so we could not get matching pieces to fill our space.

Porch Pillows | Belinda Lee Designs | Personalized Message  Pillows | Unify Mismatched Furniture

Friday, July 25, 2014

Vintage Aprons and Chickens

I was the recipient of a super thoughtful Christmas gift.  It was a Vintage Apron pattern and the fabric to create it. Really thoughtful, right?   (Thank you Anita!!).
Vintage Apron Pattern Review | Belinda Lee Designs
My sweet model showing off one side of my reversible vintage apron