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No Moon? No problem when you have your own glow in the dark moon pillow!

Last night was the Full Grain Moon.

In case you missed it, I'm sharing a picture of Layla's glow in the dark moon. She didn't even have to stay up past her bedtime to get a look at it :)

You can read more about full moons and their interesting names...

Or you can get your own glow in the dark full moon pillow.

Studio Update: Goodbye popcorn ceilings!

We've are almost at the end of our year long journey to find and move into our forever home. And while our definitions of "forever" differ a bit - mine "until death", hubby's "until the kids go to college", we both agreed that we would not love for a single day under those popcorn ceilings!

After two failed attempts at finding a reliable contractor, we found Luis. He has been hard at work spraying, scraping and repairing.

Pretty Ribbons, Pretty Paper - Make Unboxing an Experience

Pretty ribbons, pretty paper... sometimes I feel like the wrapping is almost prettier than what is hiding inside.

And honestly, that's the goal!

I want you to gasp in delight when you open a Belinda Lee Designs box - before you even see the pillow that's carefully wrapped in that pretty paper.

The wrapping is a preview of what is on the inside of that box. This photo shows a few pillows packaged up for a beautiful unboxing. Keep reading to see what was inside each package.